Orion Group invests in Mozambique in partnership with Heading Mozambique.

Heading Mozambique has recently entered into a shareholding partnership with Orion Group, a global provider of recruitment, and workforce solutions, with a core focus on servicing clients in the Oil & Gas industry. Together, we can now provide a valuable solution to our clients and candidates for national, and expatriate staffing requirements in Mozambique, and worldwide.

Heading Mozambique is a Mozambican owned, nationally compliant provider of recruitment & outsourcing services with extensive in-country knowledge. A licensed private employment agency, experienced in providing solutions to its client base over many years, Heading Mozambique will make local recruitment its first priority, whilst gaining valuable experience and knowledge from Orion Group on staffing major Oil & Gas projects of this scale. The company’s infrastructure, processes, presence in-country and proven success lays the foundations for a strong and reliable partnership.

Established in Scotland in 1987, Orion Group has over 30 years’ experience supporting workforce solutions for major international companies within the oil & gas industry. Today Orion Group manages the placement of thousands of contractors and permanent personnel every year via their worldwide network of offices throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. As a result, Orion Group will be responsible for leading the sourcing & mobilisation of the ex-patriate workforce from around the world to deliver the upcoming projects in Mozambique. In addition, Orion Group will look to bring training, systems, processes, and knowledge to the partnership, with the aim of leaving a sustainable future for Heading Mozambique.

Major oil & gas projects are forthcoming from international operators and an estimated resource of over 10,000 personnel is expected to be required to complete the projects in Mozambique. As a result, the partnership between Heading Mozambique and Orion Group has already seen 6 full-time staff employed in country, supported by personnel from our office locations in London, Manchester, Houston and HQ in Inverness. The partnership is making plans for growth in Mozambique to support increasing demand and scope of responsibilities. A branch is to be opened in Pemba & Palma, and key account management and resource teams are to be expanded.

Together, Heading Mozambique & Orion group provide the perfect combination of expertise for national & expatriate workforce solutions in Mozambique, with full compliance, and a focus on developing & growing local content. In addition, through Orion Group’s network of 47 offices worldwide, we will provide a platform for Mozambican personnel to secure job opportunities worldwide.

Liam Gover EMEA BD Manager for Orion Group stated, “Mozambique offers significant opportunities to both national and international companies through investment in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas. Having spent time working and living in Mozambique, I can see the potential benefits not only for this partnership, but wider economic and societal change and growth for the Mozambican market. Together with Heading Mozambique our goal is to work side by side to make our own impact through delivering workforce solutions as part of this exciting project. It is amazing to find a partner that not only has vast experience already in Mozambique providing these services, but one which shares the same vision as Orion Group”

Liam Gover EMEA BD Manager for Orion Group will be working alongside his colleagues from the Group’s worldwide network of offices, in partnership with Heading Mozambique to offer compliant and efficient long term solutions to its client base, maintaining best-in-class standards of delivery.

Igor Vaz, shareholder, Heading Mozambique added, as the major shareholder of Heading Mozambique, my role in the operations is mainly as an advisor and observer, however, I can say that this Partnership with an Internationally Reputable Company such as Orion Group, is a big step in the path of growth and rise we have envisioned for Heading Mozambique with a fast track. We saw in Orion Group the same values we honour ourselves like respect, integrity, transparency and ambition and this was really important in the decision-making process. Hopefully, these projects will have a major impact in social and economic development of the country and we’ll be part of this.”

Fabiola Vaz, shareholder, Heading Mozambique added, We’re very happy to have Orion Group Join Heading Mozambique because they bring to the table a lot of experience and international know how, something Heading Mozambique by itself would take years to acquire. This Partnership will make us grow and be considered as one of the top players in the Oil and Gas Projects. We have in depth knowledge of the Country and its culture but lack international expertise so this is the perfect combination of skills and resources.

Paulo Santos, General Manager Heading Mozambique, added, with 20 years of experience in Human Resources Outsourcing processes, I can say with strong conviction that this partnership with the Orion Group will make Heading Mozambique an even better, more complete and robust partner for its clients and employees. The technical and human development that this collaboration will bring to our resources will be important not only for the growth and maturity of the company but, above all, for the development of Mozambican human capital.

Mike Wallace, Global sales director, Orion Group, added, “With the significant volumes of upcoming project activity it was vitally important that we identified a locally recognisable partner who shared the same core values as Orion to assist us in delivering the required manpower and global mobility solutions to our clients.

The collaborative approach shown by both parties further reinforces our commitment to the region, our clients and most importantly the people of Mozambique.

We are delighted to be able to announce the news of this partnership and we very much look forward to building a long and sustainable business together.”

HeadingOrion Group invests in Mozambique in partnership with Heading Mozambique.